100% Natural & Non-GMO

Safe for your body and the planet

100% Natural Commitment

The word "natural" is not regulated by the FDA, but we believe we have an ethical commitment to adhere to the spirit of natural through committing to the following core principles:

  1. No artificial ingredients of any kind
  2. No preservatives
  3. No "colors" or "flavors", just real food
  4. No genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO)
  5. No trans fats or hydrogenated oils

Non-GMO for our Children

Genetically Modified Organisms pose a huge risk to our food supply because they are largely unregulated and untested in the US. Many countries have banned, or require explicit labeling of, GMO products. If you are not buying foods that are Non-GMO Project Verified, most likely GMOs are present at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And, unfortunately, many popular children's snack (like cookies!) contain large amounts of high-risk ingredients. It's for this reason that we are committed to Non-GMO ingredients for Liz Lovely Cookies. We are in the process of obtaining Non-GMO Project verification for our products and sources to ensure that we are meeting the standards.

What About Organic?

In 2009, we began having trouble getting our hands on key organic ingredients from the suppliers we trust. In order to stay organic, we were forced to make compromises and buy from alternative suppliers, often to the detriment of product quality.

Then in 2010, it became necessary to switch from chocolate produced on shared equipment to 100% dairy free chocolate made on a dedicated dairy free production line. There is a shortage of 100% dairy free chocolate that is also organic, and the prices are significantly higher. Like 10x higher.

In order to make the safest, highest quality product possible, we found it necessary in 2010 to leave the Certified Organic program. While it's disappointing, it's also exciting to be able to consistently buy the ingredients that make the best cookies.


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