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Who is Liz Lovely?

Liz's greatest love affair has always been with sugar. And Dan's greatest love affair has always been with Liz. And that is where their story begins.Two star-crossed lovers: high on chocolate, but down on their luck. After the dizzying days of dot-com highs and lows, the beleaguered couple was out of work, in debt, with unemployment benefits running out fast. Meanwhile, and much to Dan's chagrin... Read more »

What We're All About

From our dedicated, artisan bakery in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Liz Lovely creates products that are a pure indulgence with a social conscience. We bring hope & joy to people living without dairy, eggs, and wheat.  And, we create sustainable jobs that support the American dream.

That's why we like to say we're Baking a Difference™.