Meet Liz Lovely

Liz Scott

CEO, Founder

Why I Created Liz Lovely Cookies

"I grew up thinking a day wasn’t a day unless you baked something. My Grandma loved to bake, everything from pies with rhubarb from her garden to her famous banana cake which I just got the recipe for a few years ago (I swear there’s still something missing).

"My Mom is an excellent baker and confectioner as well. Easter had handmade chocolates, Thanksgiving sometimes had 4 different pies, Christmas had dozens of different kinds of cookies, and weddings had handmade butter mints.

"My Dad’s side of the family were all business owners. There was a family meat market (ironically) passed down for generations. Sometimes I feel like Liz Lovely was a pre-destined dream. But that’s how life works. When you least expect it, the path appears before you... and you bake."


Indiana, PA

Favorite Cookie:





Say yes to who you are & the rest will unfold.

What’s your favorite part about working at Liz Lovely?

The people. Without them my dreams could not become a reality.

What my typical work day is like:

Emails, meetings, phone calls and overall problem solving for managers. If I’m lucky I get to suit up and head into the test kitchen… That’s a really good day.

Why Vermont?

It’s beautiful and magical. The people here are independent thinkers & the food here just seems to taste better.

What’s fun?

My 2 amazing children, spending time with my close friends, baking at home, music – gotta have it, working out, being outside on snowshoes or a beautiful walk.



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