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Meet Cowboy Dan

Maverick CEO

The Making of a Maverick

"I'm an extremely lucky guy. I survived cancer, found my soul-mate as a teenager, talked my way into every job (as a college drop-out), started two businesses, and get to live in where most people can only vacation.

"I was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania. It sounds fictitious, but it's a real place near Pittsburgh. My parents grew up in Jewish neighborhoods (Dad in the Bronx, Mom in Philly), but chose to raise me in an Appalachian cow-town with a decidedly Midwest flavor. The impossibility of me ever fitting in was a gift in disguise.

"I was a good student until I discovered music, drugs, and girls. That's when I transformed from geek to freak. Nonetheless I remained on the academic track until, at 17 years old, cancer transformed my life into an uncharted journey. After my treatment, I skipped out of college and took off with Liz for some wild adventures."

More About Dan


"Indiana, Pennsylvania... same as Liz!"

Favorite Cookie

"Definitely Peanut Butter Classics, with Snicker Dudes as a close second. (I bet you thought I'd say Cowboy Cookies!)" 

What's Your Sign?

"Virgo... systems are everything." 


"Know your goal before you take action." 

Why Vermont?

"I've never fit anywhere, except Vermont. It's like the Land of Misfit Toys. Nobody fits, and that's what makes it work. And, the beautiful mountain vista, clean air & water, and access to outdoor adventures are a major plus!" 

What's Fun?

"Playing with my amazing kids, McCartney and Wilder, shopping for new clothes with Liz (my Jewish mother would be proud), chainsawing stuff in my yard, catching up on sci-fi TV and superhero movies, tinkering in the garage, cooking on the weekends, and enjoying the wide array of fantastic local beers."


"Be patient with people, we're all human, and nobody cares about their job the way I care about my business. Don't take things personally, and don't assume to know what people are thinking. Inspire people to grow and improve, more through actions than words.

"Trust people to find solutions, allow them to make mistakes. Blame the system first, and arrange things in such a way that mistakes are difficult to make. Confront challenges head-on, but not instantly. Allow space to consider the goal of confrontation, and make a plan.

"Be in service to people, not in charge of them. And above all, treat people with gratitude and respect."


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