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Meet Liz Lovely


Why I Created Liz Lovely Cookies

"I grew up thinking a day wasn’t a day unless you baked something. My Grandma loved to bake, everything from pies with rhubarb from her garden to her famous banana cake which I just got the recipe for a few years ago (I swear there’s still something missing).

"My Mom is an excellent baker and confectioner as well. Easter had handmade chocolates, Thanksgiving sometimes had 4 different pies, Christmas had dozens of different kinds of cookies, and weddings had handmade butter mints.

"My Dad’s side of the family were all business owners. There was a family meat market (ironically) passed down for generations. Sometimes I feel like Liz Lovely was a pre-destined dream. But that’s how life works. When you least expect it, the path appears before you... and you bake."

More About Liz


"Indiana, Pennsylvania... hometown of Jimmy Stewart!"

Favorite Cookie

"I don't like to play favorites, but with a gun to my head... Cowgirl Cookies." 

What's Your Sign?

"Capricorn... I'm a mountain climber, like a goat!" 


"It’s not what you worry about that you should worry about. It’s what you DON’T worry about that you should worry about." 

Why Vermont?

"I get to live the life I always wanted to in Vermont. The individuality of the people, the beauty of the surroundings... so many days I say to myself, 'I get to live here?'" 

What's Fun?

"Spending time with my amazing kids McCartney and Wilder, baking, walking the trails with Dan and Bruiser (our dog), and swimming in the river. I read quite a bit, and I love to create these abstract dot paintings. It’s a great way to unwind and not take myself too seriously. It’s the one place in life where I don’t judge myself. Dan and I used to have a dream of rockstardom. He taught me to play guitar and write songs. Now, sadly, my Taylor guitar sits in the closet."


"Cookies are my passion, and Liz Lovely is my true purpose in life. I like to set lofty goals, and I love the smell of sugar in the morning. It also helps that I'm extremely stubborn. But I'm also totally goofy. I have a really badtrucker mouth, and I'm always trying to make everyone laugh. My Methodist church upbringing is a distant memory. Now I'm into palmistry, numerology, and all that foofy spiritual stuff. I also love gangsta rap. 

"I grew up baking with my Mom and Grandma. My favorite part was licking the beaters. They are my best childhood memories. I am a clean freak. I love doing laundry, like that one Fraggle from Fraggle Rock. Dan is the most important person in my life, getting to work together is a true gift — even if he drives me crazy on a daily basis. My personal mission is to never give up on yourself — don't be afraid to struggle, no one is watching. I really want to add to our family and start our own traditions. It's my newest obsession!"


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