Green Packaging

Our efforts to reduce our impact on the Earth

It's Not Easy Being Green

For food businesses, green packaging is a major challenge. Packaging for food must maintain freshness and resist spoilage, which leads our industry to be a major contributor of plastic waste. We are well aware of the environmental impact we are creating. We've experimented with corn-based and wood-pulp based plastic alternatives, but we found problems with shelf life, recyclability, and durability. We'll keep trying.

BPA-Free Plastic Alternatives

The dangers of Bisphenol A (also known as "BPA") are now well documented, and starting to be regulated. Liz Lovely is committed to using BPA-Free plastic packaging. Our current materials includes #1 PETE containers, and #5 PP packaging film. 

Green Materials for Online Orders

Your online order will be packed with these environmentally friendly alternatives!

Gift Samplers

Our gift samplers arrive in cardboard bakery boxes without any additional plastic or shrinkwrap.

Sampler Stickers

Our gift sampler stickers are 100% post-consumer recycled label-stock.

Biodegradable Ribbon

Our gift samplers are adorned with biodegradable ribbon made from 100% cotton yarn printed with soy ink.

Biodegradable Peanuts

Our shipping boxes are filled with biodegradable peanuts made from corn starch. They dissolve safely in your kitchen sink with a little water.

100% FSC-Certified Recycled Paper

We print our packing slips, invoices, sales literature, and pretty much everything on 100% recycled paper. It's acid free, chlorine free, and only 20# weight.

Unbleached Crinkle Paper

We fill our product displays and gift samplers with unbleached crinkly kraft paper. It's a renewable resource and can be safely recycled.


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