Allergen Statement

FDA food allergen handling at Liz Lovely

Living with a food allergy is tough. Part of our mission is to make "living without" a little sweeter. Below we've detailed how our bakery handles major allergens identified by the FDA.


Our bakery is 100% dairy free. The chocolate we purchase is produced on 100% dairy free dedicated equipment.

Exception for Lovely Oh's: The sandwich cookies in our Lovely Oh's, Mint Lovely Oh's, and Peanut Butter Lovely Oh's are produced by another manufacturer that also processes milk powder on their equipment. The label for these products do not say "dairy free" and carry a warning to this effect.


Our bakery and all of our products are 100% egg free.


We produce both wheat-based and gluten free products in our bakery with 100% safe results for Celiac sufferers. Check out our gluten free handling policy to learn all about it.

Peanuts & Tree Nuts

Liz Lovely is NOT a nut-free product. Our bakery uses peanut butter and various tree nuts. Slight cross-contamination of nuts is possible. Please do not eat our cookies if you have a nut allergy.



The chocolate that we purchase contains soy lecithin as an emulsifier. Liz Lovely products that do not contain chocolate are soy-free.


The organic vanilla extract we purchase from Neilssen Massey contains organic corn alcohol. There are no other corn ingredients in our bakery.

Shell Fish

There are no shell-fish products in our bakery or products.


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