Got Questions?

We've got the answers...

Where is the Wholesale Accounts link?

We moved it to the top link area, to the right of Snaps the Dragon.

Do You Ship to __________?

Because of customs and perishability, we are only shipping to the 48 domestic U.S. states right now. Please review our Shipping Policies for more info.

Where can I buy your cookies?

Liz Lovely cookies are available in a wide variety of stores from Safeway to Shaws to independently owned natural food stores. Use the Store Locator to find the location closest to you. You can also purchase them online.

How many calories, grams of sugar, etc. are in your cookies?

Go to the Shop Online section and click on the cookie whose nutritional information you'd like. Each cookie page has the ingredients for that cookie and same nutritional label you'd find on the back of the cookie package.

I'm Allergic to [ whatever ]... is your product safe for me?

Maybe, check out our allergen statement.

Organic... Didn't you used to be Certified?

That's a long story, read more about our Organic status.

Doesn't Palm Oil destroy Orangutan habitats?

Not ours! Please check out our Palm Oil page.

Fair Trade chocolate... do you use it?

We only buy 100% dairy free chocolate made on dedicated dairy free equipment. There are virtually no suppliers of Fair Trade certified chocolate that meets these criteria, and their prices are 10x what we can afford in a cookie. We buy our chocolate from Barry Callebaut, a company that is committed to corporate social responsibility.

Plastic Bags... why do you use two? Alternatives?

We agree that plastic is not the best solution, check out our Green Packaging page

Can I Tour the Bakery?

We're not really zoned for retail traffic, sorry.

Do You Offer Free Samples or Coupons?

It's not feasible right now for us to offer free samples or coupons directly, but many of our retail stores sample our products on a semi-regular basis. Also our Fan Club members get access to occasional discounts and giveaway opportunities.

How can I get cookies donated for my fundraiser?

We'd love to share our cookies with everyone working to make a difference, we just get too many requests for our small company to keep up with.  And, truthfully, there aren't enough cookies to go around. We have to sell a few, too. Thanks for your interest, but at this time, we'll have to respectfully decline.  


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