Our Philosophy

Authenticity from start to finish.

Liz's Artisan Manifesto

  1. Bake everything from scratch.
  2. No fillers, flavorings, or shortcuts.
  3. Use simple ingredients from responsible sources.
  4. Accept nothing less than perfection.

Simple Ingredients, Artisan Methods

Liz Lovely cookies don't contain chemicals, additives, fillers, flavorings, or preservatives. Just good stuff you'd use at home. Surprisingly, even most so-called natural cookies contain stabilizers, gums, or other non-traditional ingredients. It's Liz's innovative recipes and artisan baking techniques that give our cookies a traditional flavor and texture, without eggs, butter, and (in our gluten free line) wheat flour.

Full Disclosure

We use a small amount of Xanthan Gum in our gluten free cookies sourced from Bob's Red Mill, the leading gluten free ingredients company. We've been unable to develop a good cookie without it.

Our Lovely Oh's are baked by a great company that wishes to remain anonymous. They're pioneers in the natural foods industry, and we trust that they're doing things the best way possible. We coat them in dark chocolate here at the bakery.

Buy Artisan & Keep it Real

Food provides nourishment on levels both physical and emotional. It's the center-piece of our holidays and special events. You can see, taste, and feel the attention to detail that dedicated food artisans bring to their work. The culture of artisanal food in Vermont has enriched our lives immensely. We hope our handmade artisan cookies enrich your life and make you feel healthy and happy.


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