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Gluten Free & Vegan Gift Samplers

100% Wheat, Dairy & Egg Free ~ Sourced Non-GMO

*The Sugar Coma* <br/>Gift Sampler
*The Sugar Coma*
Gift Sampler

Drop the sugar bomb, baby!
16 Cookies (8 Flavors)
*The Big Buzz* <br/>Gift Sampler
*The Big Buzz*
Gift Sampler

Small parties, personal stashes.
16 Cookies (8 Flavors)
*The Quick Fix* <br/>Gift Sampler
*The Quick Fix*
Gift Sampler

Just enough to be awesome.
10 Cookies (5 Flavors)
*The Chocoholic* <br/>Gift Sampler
*The Chocoholic*
Gift Sampler

Hi, I'm Liz, and I'm a chocoholic
12 Cookies, 6 Flavors
*Oh-M-G* <br/>Gift Sampler
Gift Sampler

Help! I'm drowning in indulgence!!!
3 Containers (About 24 cookies)