Sustainable Jobs

Baking a Difference in Economy 2.0

How to Apply

Please be aware that we do not accept resumes! You must download our job application, fill it out old-school-style (like, by hand, y'know), and get it back to us. That's just our thing. Thanks for your interest in Liz Lovely!

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Current Openings

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Staff Appreciation

It's always been our goal to create jobs that are challenging, fun, and promote a sustainable lifestyle. It started with the founders' desire to create better jobs for themselves. We deeply appreciate the commitment that everyone at Liz Lovely makes, and we try to demonstrate it. For example, we throw every employee a little anniversary party for each year they're at Liz Lovely, complete with speeches, a trophy, and a framed picture on the Wall of Glory!

Committed to Personal Growth

Being an employer is not just a responsibility, it's an opportunity to help people grow and improve in their career and in their life. Our management style is focused on coaching folks to become self-starting entrepreneurs in their role at Liz Lovely, while mentoring them to follow their hearts to lead a balanaced and fulfilling life outside of work.


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