Certified Vegan Baking

100% Dairy Free, 100% Egg Free

certified vegan cookies by liz lovely

Liz Lovely is Certified Vegan

Liz Lovely products are Certified Vegan by Vegan Action. There are no animal products including milk, butter, eggs, or gelatin in our products. The sugar in our cookies is not processed with animal-derived charcoal.

100% Dairy & Egg Free

The Certified Vegan standard is not an allergen verification, it allows for shared equipment which allows for cross-contamination. Liz Lovely goes one step further guaranteeing you a 100% dairy and egg free product created in a 100% dairy and egg free facility.

What Does "Vegan" Mean? 

Vegan foods are made from entirely plant-based ingredients. In other words, they are completely free of animal products like meat, milk, butter, eggs, or gelatin. Liz Lovely cookies use plant-based substitutions for the eggs and butter traditionally found in cookies.